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The third UUAP, EAP and Czech NAO Joint Symposium


The Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy together with the European Association for Psychotherapy and the Czech National Association for Psychotherapy were pleased to host the Third Joint Symposium on Friday November 17th 2023. The third Symposium reached nearly 700 participants.

The event was extraordinary, the participants thanked each speaker, shared their emotions, and the round table discussion was very vibrant and special, probably could have continued for at least few more hours.

Hope is such a precious thing especially in the current trauma of the Ukraine War. The ability to inspire hope is so valuable. It seems from the feedback that today’s Symposium has given those who attended renewed hope, especially Ukrainians. The light of hope can so easily go out, and yet we can help each other by re-kindling the light of hope.

Klára Laurenčíková, the Government Commissioner for Human Rights and Deputy Minister for European Affairs of the Czech Republic, and Marie Jílková, member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, have decided to give official patronage of the UUAP, EAP and Czech NAO Joint Symposium.

This was a free event open to Psychotherapists. This Symposium was built on the World Council for Psychotherapy Statement regarding the invasion of Ukraine, which was adopted by EAP.

All participants of the Symposium unequivocally supported the statement of the World Council of Psychotherapy.


Video recordings of the THIRD Symposium



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