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The FIFTH UUAP, EAP and FRP Joint Symposium


Message from Patricia Hunt FRSA, Chair of the Ukrainian and European Alliance, and Former President of the European Association for Psychotherapy

June 14th 2024


We have now completed the Fifth Symposium organized jointly by Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy (UUAP) and the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). The theme for this Symposium was “Relationships in the Time of War.”

The Fifth Symposium created extremely wide connections! More than 1200 delegates registered for the Symposium from Ukraine, from all over Europe, from the USA, Canada, South Africa, Thailand and Indonesia, and the Symposium was connected via Zoom with an important Democracy event taking place in Denmark. The Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy helped to host this Symposium. We are very thankful to their President Mara Priceputu and her senior colleagues for working closely with us, and for their generous collegial and financial support.

The extremely wide connections of this Symposium extended to having two Patrons. Mr Aleksandr Korniienko, First Deputy Chairman of the Ukraine Parliament, greatly honoured us with his patronage, and he gave an excellent short opening address speaking from the Ukraine Parliament via his phone. Mr Cristian Bușoi from Romania, a European parliamentarian and member of the European Commission’s Group for Support for Ukraine, honoured us greatly with his patronage of the Symposium and in giving an excellent speech. This generous and distinguished patronage symbolises the way in which our Symposiums are having positive impact beyond the world of Psychotherapy. We are modelling connectedness, empowerment through colleagueship, dialogue, trust and hope. This is very powerful.

In his inspirational address to the Symposium Aleksandr Korniienko talked about the great importance of relationships in the time of war, and that Psychotherapists who are experts in relationships are so well placed to make a key contribution to society. He thanked Ukrainian Psychotherapists for their vital healing work during the war. Cristian Bușoi spoke powerfully about political relationships, and that good relationships enable the work of politicians and the formation of strategy and policy.

I greatly admire the strength of our Ukrainian colleagues in their avoidance of victimhood within the context of war. They refuse to allow themselves to take on a victim persona, as their insight is that a component part of their longed for peace and the successful future of Ukraine is their own gravitas and dignity. Very relevant to the avoidance of victimhood Gabriela Hum, President of the Romanian Association for Positive Psychotherapy, spoke movingly about the relationships with oneself during times of war and the need for there to be no war within ourselves. Our relationship with ourselves is profoundly influenced by both internal and external factors, and in times of war the external factors are both a threat and an opportunity. The elements of opportunity can lead to a rich journey of resilience and self-discovery. While war is undoubtedly a harrowing and destructive phenomenon, it is important to recognize that in the midst of the darkness there are moments of light and opportunities for growth and transformation in the relationship with oneself.

On a similar theme Voldymyr Zaleskyi spoke about the in-depth transformation of individuals which takes place during war. National and professional identities deeply change and develop, and new aspects of ethical positions and political beliefs are revealed. Gender relations transform with men (both Psychotherapists and patients) mobilizing themselves to defend their country.

Khrystyna Turetska, Associate Professor of Lviv Catholic University, focused on internalised traumatic relationships in her fascinating case presentation, and Ramona Covrig, Vice President of the Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy, spoke about the power of love in the midst of war, enabling people to relate richly, and love deeply, profoundly and support each other in unexpected ways.

In the afternoon session the discussion groups were followed by an excellent Round Table with all of the speakers and a rich discussion. The momentum of our Symposiums is growing, the influence of our Symposiums is growing, the impact of our Symposiums is growing and the most important thing is the benefit and support being given to Ukrainian Psychotherapists.

“It is so valuable to belong to a vast group of Psychotherapists across Europe through these Symposiums. It empowers me in my work, in my life and in my being. It means so much to me.” Ukrainian Psychotherapist

Please join us for our Sixth Symposium which will be on Friday November 15th 2024. Please check the full details here.


This was a free event open to Psychotherapists. This Symposium was built on the World Council for Psychotherapy Statement regarding the invasion of Ukraine, which was adopted by EAP.

All participants of the Symposium unequivocally supported the statement of the World Council of Psychotherapy.

The Fourth Symposium reached more nearly 600 participants from 31 countries.



Video recordings of the FOURTH Symposium


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