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UUAP and EAP Alliance and Joint Online Symposiums

Message from Patricia Hunt FRSA, Chair of the UUAP and EAP Alliance, and Former President of the European Association for Psychotherapy


Patricia Hunt FRSA, Chair of the UUP and EAP Alliance, Former President of the European Association for Psychotherapy
Patricia Hunt FRSA, Chair of the UUP and EAP Alliance, Former President of the European Association for Psychotherapy

We have just finished the Third Symposium organized jointly by Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy (UUAP), the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) and the Czech Association for Psychotherapy. The Symposiums unite us, bring us together and connect us. This is so important in a world where there is a lot of disconnectedness and lack of understanding, and where there is a lack of self-reflection and lack of deep understanding. Through the Symposium and through our speakers there has been created wisdom, inspiration, research validity, and a deeper understanding. Through the discussion groups there is the opportunity for dialogue between Ukrainian and European Psychotherapists, sharing of experience, sharing of emotions, support for each other, empathy for each other, and helping each other in the time of war.

The event was extraordinary, the participants thanked each speaker, shared their emotions, and the round table discussion was very vibrant and special, probably could have continued for at least few more hours.

Hope is such a precious thing especially in the current trauma of the Ukraine War. The ability to inspire hope is so valuable. It seems from the feedback that today’s Symposium has given those who attended renewed hope, especially Ukrainians. The light of hope can so easily go out, and yet we can help each other by re-kindling the light of hope.

We can be strong in the face of aggression. We may find we experience hate, but we can find the ways not to give in to hate. Hate is energy consuming. Hate can become internally negative and destructive. It is better to use the same energy to stay on the high ground, and hold dignity and integrity. Ukrainians are teaching us this and modelling it for us at the moment. And President Zelensky is every day holding the position of the higher ground and not giving in. He holds immense dignity, and is inspiring a nation.

Our Symposiums are attracting many Ukrainian and European Psychotherapists, and for many it is the second or third Symposium that they have attended today. Our Symposiums are free, and the speakers and organisers are giving their expertise for free, in order to make the Symposiums available to everyone who need it especially at this time.

Today we were pleased and proud to have distinguished speakers Professor Mark Preiss and Professor Emmy van Deurzen giving their important, insightful and wise presentations. We were also proud to present the outcome of a number of studies related to the mental health and resources of Ukrainian Psychotherapists as specialists at the forefront of social and mental changes. The results of this study were presented by speakers Vladimir Pogorilyy in the context of a sample of those Psychotherapists who left Ukraine, and Professor Kira Sedykh on the sample of those who remained in Ukraine. Finally Olena Dobrodnyak, Head of the System and Family Therapy Section of the UUP gave evidence of the work being done to give psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance to Psychotherapists and health workers in Ukraine at this time. All of these speeches will be available to view here on this website.

We are greatly honoured by the Official Patronage given to our second Symposium by President Petr Pavel of the Czech Republic. This symbolises that our Symposiums have positive impact beyond the world of Psychotherapy. We are modelling connectedness, dialogue, trust, and hope for others. This is very powerful.

“It is so valuable to belong to a vast group of Psychotherapists across Europe through these Symposiums. It empowers me in my work, in my life and in my being. It means so much to me.” Ukrainian Psychotherapist, Third Symposium Participant

Please join us for our next Symposium which will be on Friday February 23rd 2024. Full details will be on this website.



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