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The Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy and the European Association for Psychotherapy were pleased to held their Second Joint Symposium on Friday June 16th 2023. The Second Symposium reached nearly 1500 registrations.

Our Second Symposium focused on the new challenges for Psychotherapists, on the work of Psychotherapists in extreme situations, on how patients/clients are affected when the Psychotherapist is in an exposed situation, and on the experiences of Psychotherapists when war is in close proximity.

We were absolutely delighted that Professor Renos K. Papadopoulos, Director of the Center for Trauma, Asylum and Refugees, and an acknowledged expert, gave a presentation at the Second Symposium.

The President Petr Pavel of the Czech Republic has decided, in view of the importance that he attaches to the topic, to give official patronage to the Second Joint UUAP and EAP Symposium.

This was a free event open to Psychotherapists. This Symposium was built on the World Council for Psychotherapy Statement regarding the invasion of Ukraine, which was adopted by EAP.

All participants of the symposium unequivocally supported the statement of the World Council of Psychotherapy.

Video recordings of the Second Symposium



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